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IMPRESARIO - THE MANAGERis a television format created by Bump Productions in 2004, presented for further development, sale, and production to various Production companies in Denmark, and to Friday TV (Metronome Sweden) in November 2005.

Genre: Reality, Entertainment, Stage Contest, Factual
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Slot: Primetime / Access Primetime




IMPRESARIO™ / THE MANAGER™ is a television program in which participants have to compete on who is best going to manage or promote a new talent: a musician, a painter, an athlete, a dancer, a sportsman, etc.

It is a program in which people demonstrate their management skill within art, sport, music, etc.


Five or six participants, male and female, have to choose a new and unknown talent and manage and promote his/her work or skills.

They have to make a choice among the following talents:
- A musician, who may be a solo artist, singer, or songwriter
- A painter
- A sportsman, who is a football player, runner, boxer, cyclist, etc.

Participants may themselves go out and each find a person with skills or someone with a potential talent (in this case they are given one week to do so), or the production team may appoint one for them.

Participants, IMPRESARIOS, are then given a preparation period time of:
- Two days during which they will consult with their client/talent and build a strategy or a plan on how to promote his/her skills or work.
- One week during which they will have to establish contact with a potential market and make all the appointments necessary.
One week to go to all appointments and try to sell their talent's work or skills.

If a participant fails to accomplish each of these tasks within the determined period of time, he/she is eliminated.


Each impresario will first receive advice, guidance and preliminary coaching lessons from a prefessional:
- stylist, for learning how to dress like an impresario
- from a speech coach, for learning how to better express him/herself and persuade
- professional manager, to get general management skills, etc.

If the talent is a solo artist, for instance a singer, the impresario then has to do what is necessary for the new talent to get a record deal with a production company.

First he or she would have to:
- establish contact with a recording studio in order to produce a demo song. In this case he or she will have to negotiate the price, which will be paid by the production.
- then submit the demo to a producer with the intention of having a production deal.
The impresario has only one week to do this, which means that all has to be done fast and spontaneuous.  For instance the impresario has to use all his/her effort to persuade a music producer to listen to the demo and give an answer immediately or within a shortest period of time.


If the talent is a painter, the impresario has to try to sell his/her work. The impresario may for instance choose to arrange an exhibition at an art gallery, or simply go from place to place and seek contact with buyers.


The five - six impresarios have to do all they can to respond to and fulfill the needs of their talent. They have to stand by their talent and provide full psychological and moral support, and make sure that their talent is in top shape for the upcoming challenge that they have arranged for them.


A panel of three - four permanent jury members assess the work of each impresario and picks the winner. The jury member consists of professional managers from various fields; music, sports, art, etc .
The people who are represented by the impresarios, the talents or clients, are also part of the jury and are going to give their own assessment of the work that their impresarios had done for their career or their skills.


An impresario increases his/her chance of winning if he/she has arranged for his/her talent to meet his/her idol and get a piece of professional advice, etc .

Each impresario has been followed and filmed while doing his/her work for his/her talent.
During the talk show program the host starts by presenting each participant and shows clips on how each impresario has been followed during his/her work to promote his/her talent.


The winner is the impresario who has done the best job for his/her talent.
The main idea is not to release a hit song for instance, if the talent is a musician, or to make the talent win a fight and become a heavyweight boxing champion. The most important is to demonstrate the best management skill by helping the talent to a degree that allows him/her to get as close as possible to signing a contract that may boost or change his/her career.  Or to promote the talent's work to a broader audience as possible.

Everybody needs a "mentor" !

Copyright 2004 © Bump Productions - All rights reserved - Registered Format